Silver "X" Earrings with Pearl Dangle

Silver "X" Earrings with Pearl Dangle

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Silver X earrings with Pearl dangle

French Kande custom pieces integrate a stylized lily flower known as a fleur de lis. Historically associated with the French monarchy, the icon has long been used as a royal emblem, appearing on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries.

French Kande is plated in sterling silver, gold and brass, all hand-finished by California artisans. Many feature color variations and blemishes that contribute to their one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Keep your Kande dry and free of oils and fragrances to maintain the finish's integrity. Should it patina over time, use a polishing cloth to revive its lustre. Do not use cleaners or polishing compounds as it will remove the oxidation resulting in a brightened, shiny finish.