18" Silver Chain Necklace with Brass Medallion

18" Silver Chain Necklace with Brass Medallion

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18" silver ox Lourdes chain, Montre II bezel, and brass ox Civilization medallion

This medallion honors the men and women who served under the French Command during WWI. It features the winged figure of Victory on its face and a Phrygian bonnet between the letters ‘R’ and ‘F’ (République Française) above the inscription ‘La Grande Guerre Pour La Civilization 1914-1918’ on its back.

French Kande custom pieces integrate a stylized lily flower known as a fleur de lis. Historically associated with the French monarchy, the icon has long been used as a royal emblem, appearing on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries.

French Kande is plated in sterling silver, gold and brass, all hand-finished by California artisans. Many feature color variations and blemishes that contribute to their one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Keep your Kande dry and free of oils and fragrances to maintain the finish's integrity. Should it patina over time, use a polishing cloth to revive its lustre. Do not use cleaners or polishing compounds as it will remove the oxidation resulting in a brightened, shiny finish.