17" Freshwater Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Medallion

17" Freshwater Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Medallion

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17” white Freshwater Pearls, 24k Gold Plated Plated Swarovski Cuvee pendants, S.Ox. Micro backplate & 14K clad Domini medallion

This medallion contains numerous religious and coin overtones. It reads venoi “May the nome of the Lord be blessed" and has Louis the 15th's profile on the back. It was originally released in 1764.

This medallion was created in the 1960's to celebrate Joseph Perrier Champagne which was first bottled in 1825. The name 'Cuvée Royale' celebrates the elegance and history of cuvées once supplied o HRH Queen Victoria and King Edwards VII in years gone by.

French Kande is plated in sterling silver, gold and brass, all hand-finished by California artisans. Many feature color variations and blemishes that contribute to their one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Keep your Kande dry and free of oils and fragrances to maintain the finish's integrity. Should it patina over time, use a polishing cloth to revive its lustre. Do not use cleaners or polishing compounds as it will remove the oxidation resulting in a brightened, shiny finish.