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Edward Mirell Men's Texture Titanium & Leather Bracelet

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Edward Mirell Men's Texture Titanium & Leather Bracelet - 
	Edward Mirell Texture EMB131-8 Bracelet

	The Texture Collection is inspired by casual elegance, with attention to quality as a key component.  Each piece features screw details which are laser welded and set in gray titanium.  The EMB131-8 features a classic brown, weathered leather inlay centered in the middle of each highly polished, gray titanium sections.  Measures approximately 8” in length.  The Titanium is a very lightweight metal and provides approximately seven times more strength than platinum.

	Edward Mirell is the founder and global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, blending a passion for design with the latest technology to create unique jewelry accessories. The line specializes in award-winning titanium pieces, implementing patented technology to create unique designs, colors and styles.

	All Edward Mirell products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA at its South Florida facility.