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William Henry Spearpoint Trace Knife

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William Henry Spearpoint Trace Knife - 
	William Henry Special Edition Spearpoint Trace Knife

	The Spearpoint Collection by William Henry best represents the early design beginnings of the company and its core philosophy – superlative function deserves to be elevated to superlative art.  The Spearpoint uses a mix of custom fittings to ensure a durable assembly and the pivot and locking button are machined from a surgical stainless steel that is heat-treated for exceptional wear over time.  The Trace Style was originally produced in July 2011 and is now categorized as Archived by the William Henry company.  This knife’s frame is made of Twist Mokume Gane by artisan Mike Sakmar, inlaid Fossil Mammoth bone scale and punctuated with Corundum Ruby gemstone.  The hand forged steel blade features stainless Hornets Nest Damascus by artisan Mike Norris.  This style includes a brown lanyard with sterling tips and an Ostrich leather clip case and it utilizes a One Hand Button Locking mechanism.  

	Only 30 of the Island Palm Style Knives were crafted for worldwide release. 

	The knife’s unique serial number is engraved on the blade and its limited edition number is on the leading edge of the handle.  Your exceptionally crafted knife will be packaged in an elegant William Henry box with details of the knife’s construction and Certificate of Authenticity upon arrival to your home.