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Storywheels 14K Gold Base Bracelet

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Storywheels 14K Gold Base Bracelet - 
	This bracelet is just perfect for your Storywheel charm collection! Made of 14 karat yellow or white gold you simply slide your Storywheels charms on the bracelet to tell your story. “My Story” is engraved on the book’s front cover with white gold binding topped with three diamonds. This Storywheels clasp is a beautiful compliment to whatever you select!

	Yellow Gold With Stopper Beads: 7.25-333904; 8.0-;
	White Gold With Stopper Beads: 7.25-; 8.0-326155; 8.25-328029
	Yellow Gold Without Stopper Beads: 7.25-326148; 8.0-271301
	White Gold Without Stopper Beads: 7.25-326131; 8.0-332689