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PANDORA Sterling Silver with PANDORA Clasp Bracelet

Nothing beats a classic!

The classic PANDORA Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with Barrel Clasp is the standard in charm bracelet bases. Just thread on your favorite charms and you're set!

Determining Correct Bracelet Length
Wrap a tape measure tightly around where your wrist is broadest and add
1.5 inches to the measurement to determine your bracelet size. This will ensure the bracelet is not too tight and will allow room for the charms to fit on the bracelet.

Price: $65.00

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Product Details
Style 590702-HV
Designers Pandora
Metal Sterling Silver

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8 Reviews
Overall Rating  

12/03/11 @ 12:23PM

My little sister has one of these bracelets and it is truly a great thinkin bout getting one for my gf

12/05/11 @ 09:46PM

I LOVE THIS BRACLET it works sooooo welll

02/08/12 @ 04:28PM

I LOVE it so much!
Christopher Spakoski
02/20/12 @ 10:08AM

Stretches and wont keep shape after wearing one time.
Aja Washington
02/28/12 @ 05:39PM

I own this bracelet and it's the best. The clasp is perfect. It blends in with the charms. I love love love this bracelet.
pat austin
04/07/12 @ 09:22PM

i have this bracelets i so love it

12/09/12 @ 08:00AM

I love this bracelet soooooooo much. I have two charms for it and they stay on the bracelet well. I love the the clasp.
01/23/13 @ 11:30PM

Definitely a unique piece of bracelet from Pandora. And it comes in different length which is a plus!
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