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Black Stingray Bracelet

Stingray. Shown in Noir.

Price: $179.00

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Product Details
Sku 322850
Style BCR4/10
Color Black, Yellow
Designers Elisa Ilana
Material Leather, Stingray
Metal Sterling Silver
Stone Limon Quartz

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1 Review
Overall Rating  
Kathy Miller
01/21/13 @ 03:38PM

When I took it out of the package, I was ecstatic. Then I opened the box. For starters, I have to literally hold it up to a light to be able to get the stone to look anywhere near as good as in the picture. It was also about 6 inches, give or take a half inch (can't find my tape measure or any rulers). Still, I had spent $179 and then another $14 for shipping, and it is still SO gorgeous, so I figured I might as well give Elisa Ilana the benefit of the doubt. I put it on, and not very surprisingly, it was a struggle, although a very very brief one. It was so tight that if I bent my wrist, it felt like it was going to snap and go flying, so I am going to have to either simply not wear it, give it away, or spend MORE money making it slightly longer by using some kind of leather cord or strips or something that won't look completely trashy, and try to pass the bracelet being to small for "accessorizing" an accessory, which is either going to work or completely bomb. I am thoroughly disappointed. It's extremely worth it, but ONLY if you have a tiny wrist or like bracelets that squeeze your wrist. If you don't fall into one of those categories, or aren't okay with having some kind of string, cord, strip, or something similar bridging the gap between the ends of your bracelet, then this is not the bracelet for you, and I would recommend you find something else.
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