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These PANDORA accessories are great add-ons for gifting. What better way to gift someone a PANDORA Charm than in one of our Charm Boxes? Our PANDORA Jewelry Boxes are wonderful for storage, and our PANDORA Bracelet Opener is a must when you have a new PANDORA Clasp Bracelet! Also, be sure to get inspired with our charm booklets that will give you all the details on new PANDORA product.

Pandora Accessories

5 items

Pandora Pop-Up Box
337025 - PAN-POPUP

Pandora Charm & Ring Box

Pandora Bracelet Box
336755 - PAN-BRACBOX

Pandora Moments Charm Booklet
334872 - PAN-MOMENTS

Pandora Flower Charm Bracelet Opener
287241 - 890000PCZ